Who Sells Pandora Bracelets Officially?

Who sells Pandora bracelets officially both online and offline?

This simple question becomes popular since the Pandora bracelet is highly demanded. For getting the latest collection from the Pandora official site, you just have to come and visit them regularly and find some promotions or sales.

How to Know the Genuine Pandora Bracelets?

Pandora bracelet is the gorgeous and modern system of the charm bracelet. The beads and the charms are not hung but drilled with a center hole that slide or screw onto 14k gold snake-chain or 4mm sterling silver bracelet. The bracelet itself is divided into 3 segments, 2 thicker thread and they are locked together by the Pandora stamped bead clasp or a lobster claw. It offers the fantastic in its simplicity color, style, theme and gemstone. By purchasing this Pandora bracelet, you are easy to personalize and individualize your own bracelet until match to the occasion, your cloth, your budget and your memory.

Who sells Pandora bracelets then?

If you want to go online and search the official site of Pandora bracelet, you have to make sure whether you want a snug or very loose fitting bracelet. You have to keep in mind whether you want to wear a couple of charms/ beads or completely filled bracelet, in what size, etc. for your information, the tighter bracelet will be come from the more charms on it. Remember that a teenage girl has different size of a woman over 25. Teenage wrist is about 16 or 17 cm and the retailer should warn the buyer if the bracelet often stretches. It may help you to choose the one that is smaller, rather than the larger size.

Who sells Pandora bracelets in genuine quality?

The genuine Pandora bracelet does not stretch, although you have worn it for years and it is usually full of beads since it is strongly made and fairly tight. But if stretching occurs, it may due to:

  • You pull it hard constantly on the end of the bracelet for doing the clasp up.
  • You wear too tight bracelet for your wrist number and size of charms.
  • You force your bracelet over your hand for taking it off. You better undo the clasp.
  • If the charms are a tight fit, you are forbidden for pulling on the charm and chain hard in the opposite directions.

While choosing the charm, you can choose one of the various European charms that are available in the main charm bracelet designer, such as Pandora.