What is a Tennis Bracelet Element?

What is a tennis bracelet in common?

In fact, the tennis bracelet is a jewelry that was named by an accident. The name itself was given in a tennis match in 1987 during an accident by professional tennis player Chris Evert. At that time, Chris Evert wore an expensive bracelet with the inline string that came of the individually-set diamonds. The clasp happened, and she asked the officials for stopping the match until she got her jewelry. That was the historical moment for naming the tennis bracelet.

Tennis Bracelet Jewelry and Its Value

Today, the tennis bracelets are such popular accessories for the formal occasions due to their sparkle and luster. The tennis bracelet has the individual diamonds that are placed in the square settings and they are strung into a bracelet. All of these parts are held together by a clasp. The support wiring and the settings are constructed by some jewelry metals, such as silver and others. The wearer will feel more comfortable while wearing this bracelet due to the individual setting on it.

What is a tennis bracelet when it comes in similar design but in different form?

Yes, today you also can easily find the jewelry that is referred to tennis bracelet, such as using the different sized stones. Although it has different pattern, it comes in the inline look of the original and stylish tennis bracelet. This customization is purposed for getting less expensive tennis bracelet duet to the traditional and classic ones always have high-pricing of a uniform arrangement of the diamonds.

What is a tennis bracelet without any security on it?

The tennis bracelet has one important element that is well-constructed, which is the safety latch. Different material of metal latch has different hook and some designers put additional security paths, which are “figure eights” and chains. The chain safety latch has the main function for connecting a small stud to another on other side of main clasp. One a moment when the main clasp fails, this chain will hold the bracelet until it is repaired. For more, the figure eight safety latch has the main function for additional safety though. The figure eight is constructed by a small double loop made of metal. A loop will snap over a small post on the one side of the main clasp itself while the other loop also snaps over the similar post of the opposite side. So, the main clasp is separated, this figure eight loops will keep it up from falling off.