Tropical Starburst Wrapper Bracelet

Starburst wrapper bracelet

Starburst wrapper bracelet is not something tricky to create. The creativity of people increases higher for recent. Something that is unused in old days becomes recycled these days. The recycling bracelet comes in various materials; one of them is the starburst wrapper. There are various types and colors of starburst wrappers that you can choose. This time, let’s have something fun and fresh, using the tropical starburst wrapper. The color of tropical wrapper is a little bit different. These bracelets are about 6-7 inches length and fit to the wrist. Of course they are reversible and durable but they are not very waterproof indeed. Before creating these bracelets, you have to make sure that you don’t have any allergic to anything since the wrapper has touched the candy. Prepare the sizing wrapper at last. Pick the same size of wrapper before creating them.

Picking the Tropical Color of Starburst Wrapper

Step #1 the supplies

Pick a bunch of starburst wrappers. You can buy a package of starburst and eat them one by one. Or you can go giving some to others and take back the wrappers.

Step #2 fold them up

Each piece of the wrapper should be folded. Follow these steps then:

  • Fold up the wrapper in the third length. For your information. This is the best fit fold up and sizing.
  • Fold up the wrapper in the half length. Starburst wrapper bracelet can be in perfect fit size if you end them up with a long skinny wrapper with no inside showing and no raw edges.
  • Fold up each of the wrapper’s end until meeting up with the middle. This step will help you to find out the middle of the wrapper.
  • Fold up half where you did in the step #3. Repeat it for each wrapper. The easier and possible way is by putting them together and adjusting the folds.
Step #3 put them up together

In this step, you folding wrapper should have been looked like V’s. You can choose one color of wrapper to be the first piece in your strand. The V shape of wrapper has a side that is included by a bunch of the paper’s edges and also the smooth ends. Use these edges and ends for hanging the other folding wrapper. Insert the one folding wrapper to another. For creating a corner, insert a piece of folding wrapper from the opposite direction. Insert a piece that is opened through the back.

Step #4 close the ends

Starburst wrapper bracelet is yours!