Simple Friendship Bracelet Patterns by Arranging the Desired Colors

Simple friendship bracelet patterns

Simple friendship bracelet patterns were the popular in the eighties. If you look at those memories, you will get noticed that every girl at school wore the friendship bracelet in various widths, colors and patterns. That might be intricate and beautiful accessories at those times. As time goes by, those eighties trends become more popular in these years. There have been so many girls who try to make these bracelets by their own and give them to people they love, such as their best friends, family and others. This bracelet is simple, colorful, cheerful and fun! If you encourage finding out how to make it in easy way, here you go!

Decide Which Pattern That You Need!

  • Go to the store and find the most sophisticated color combinations of the embroidery floss. The actual macramé bracelet also comes beyond the plain stripes. You should not complain about the plain stripes as it gives you different experience by wearing the friendship bracelet. For more, if you put the additional accessories onto it, such stone, and others.
  • You have to encourage about two major friendship bracelet knots; they are the left and right knot.

Simple friendship bracelet patterns can be created in the beautiful patterns that you wish. Here are the materials that you need:

  • A package of DMC light effect fluorescent embroidery floss.
  • The fluorescent thread is thicker than the regular DMC floss. So, you can combine two kinds of these flosses for getting unique mixing.

For starting the step, you have to pick the color you love. For getting the right pattern, you have to use the doubled length of the thread. Cut each of them until reach the 72 inches. Hold up the cut pieces together and fold them in the half. For more, create a ¾ inch long knot at the fold. For keeping it steady, you can use the safety pin and then pin it to your jeans. The patterns that you want will be depended on the color arrangement at the beginning. After arranging the color that you need, you have to leave 6-inch tail and tie a simple knot there to start.

Simple friendship bracelet patterns can be got in these example arrangements: 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1. These arrangements and patterns use a single thread length that is cut in 36-inch from each color. Make sure that you have arranged them in the right order. For the tail, you have to leave a 6-inch and tie the simple overhand knot to get started.