Materials and Simply Instruction of How to Make Bead Bracelets

How to make bead bracelets for your friend?

If you need to create something beautiful and hand-made for your best-friend, you have to practice about creating this bead bracelet.

Creations on Making Bead Bracelets

Here are some supplies that you need:

  • 1 mm waxed nylon, cotton or the leather cord. The color depends on your favorite.
  • GS hypo cement glue.
  • Sparkly Shamballa style beads or the others in at least 1 mm size of the hole.
  • Bead mat.
  • Clear nail polish.
  • Pin.

Here are the instructions of how to make bead bracelets for you:

  • Start the step by cutting the cord by 40 cm long. Add the clear nail polish for each cord’s ends and allow them to dry. It causes the beads will be easier to thread. For more, thread on the bead and then tie the knot in your one-end of cord. Slide the bead along your cord to find about 10 cm long away from the knot. Tie another knot then. Pin the cord to the bead mat then.
  • Take 1 meter cord’s length.
  • In this step, try the square knots. First, take your thread on left and create a loop. Make it sits over the center cord.
  • On the right, pass the cord underneath the other cords and also up through middle.
  • Pull your knot tightly but don’t be too much tight.
  • Do the same steps to the right hand cord.
  • How to make bead bracelets tightly is easy for the seventh step. In this step, you should repeat the number 3-6 for creating another square knot. The central cord is beaded by another thread.
  • Bring the outer cords surrounding the bead. Tie another set of the two square.
  • Add the beads and tie two square knots between each bead. Make sure that 5-7 beads are separated by the square knots.
  • Finish off your outer cords. The step is by tying a reef knot in two cords, pull tight and add a dab of the GS Hypo Cement for the knot and you should give them few minutes until it they dry. Thread another bead again.
  • Tie another knot at the end of central cord. Take it off bead matt. For more, cross both ends of your bracelet.
  • Don’t forget to get the final touch: take 60 cm cord length around the two ends of your bracelet.
  • Tie a series of the square knots that you’ve made.
  • Finish off by tying around 5-6 square knots.