Making Bracelets with String in Multi-Colored Alpha

Making bracelets with string

Making bracelets with string in the multi-colored Alpha may be something difficult and impossible to do. But if you get the right instruction, then you will realize how easy it is. This tutorial is designed for teaching how to create such multi-colored alpha pattern for your bracelet. Multi-colored or you can call it as more than two colors on one bracelet. This simple definition should be understood before looking at the next instruction or tutorial since if you don’t get it, you may be a bit confused. There are some patterns that you should choose and understand each of them:

Improve Your Creativity by Creating Bracelets

  • Simple 2-color alpha. It comes in this definition: if you make a row of forward knots, then you have to follow the “down” arrow that means to do a backward knot. On the contrary, if you make a row of backward knots, then “down” arrow has the function for doing a forward knot. This is the simple step for creating simple 2-color alpha bracelet.
  • Simple vertical string for substitution: Making bracelets with string as the substitution are also made by 2 colors. The simple case can be started by arranging the “base strings” or “letter strings” by following the color order that you love.
  • Background color substitution: This step will become a step closer difficult. If you get 2 strands as orange and yellow, then the result is your bracelet half orange and half yellow. You can do this without removing or adding any of your thread. Here are some steps that you can follow with or without the same color threads. Here we go with orange, yellow, and blue string. The first step, replace the left blue string with the yellow one. Next step is by replacing the last knot on the second row with your forward-backward knot (the beginning step). After doing this step, put the yellow string to the leftmost string. Take it and start continuing to tie with yellow string as your background string.
  • String substitution during tying them: Making bracelets with string in the multicolor alpha patterns will be more challenging by adding the “letter” color. In fact, the method of this thread is simple. You just sneak in a yellow thread while the time of making a yellow knot is coming.
  • Loose strings: You can make it loosing well. You can easily make the loose yellow thread while doing the weaving knots on the earlier. You can loose strings while jumping there and here with your different color of strings.