Instructions How to Make Bracelets with Beads

How to make bracelets with beads for beautiful result but don’t need to waste much time?

There are some instructions that will make you easier to follow. Here we go!

How to Get Additional Accessories on a Bracelet?

How to put the beads on the wire?

  • Choose 20-gauge wire. You can choose the wire of the coated jewelry, silver-plated wire, and gold-plated wire or flex wire.
  • Cut a piece of the wire for about 4 inches or longer. It depends on the number and the length of the beads that you will pick for a set. For your information, it is easier for cutting the excess than redesigning your set.
  • Use the round-nose pliers for making a small loop. This small loop is on the one end of wire’s piece. For doing this step, you have to grip the end of wire with those pliers. Twist gently those pliers and shape the wire around a form of a loop.
  • Slide the beads onto the wire.
  • Vertically, hold the wire to make the beads secured against the first loop.
  • Take round-nose pliers and the form of another loop to the end of the wire.
  • Finish the steps using your pliers for sliding the loop’s end down to the bead.

How to assemble a bracelet?

  • Use the number of five bead sets. Ensure that each bead is about 1 ½ inches long for creating 8 inches long bracelet.
  • Attach strong clasp to the one of the bead sets. Open the loop gently and slide your spring ring into the loop. At last, close them with the pliers.
  • Open one loop and attach your wire to the next bead set loop to get the length that you wish.
  • Place your clasp’s eyelet part on the bead set loop. The last step, close them with the pliers. How to make bracelets with beads and wire will be easier if you have understood every step. Although it looks complicated but it will be easier to practice it as you can.

How to make bracelets with beads easier and right depends on how you cut or trim the wire. You have to make sure while you are cutting or trimming the wire, you have wear the safety glasses. It is for preventing the flying pieces of the wire of getting in your eyes. Safety is all you need to concern about. Be safe!