How to Make Chan Luu Bracelets for Summer

How to make Chan Luu bracelets without the price tag?

The tutorial of creating this bracelet must make you easier to make it by yourself. Every tutorial that is available comes in different length and detail instruction. So, by this instruction so far, hopefully it suits to your style of learning. Don’t forget to choose different string and beads. The Chan Luu bracelet is great for summer if you make it in the turquoise wrap. This nice pop color will be great layering for your bracelet. This tutorial is less expensive and easy to do with the cheap supplies that you can get from the craft stores. Check them out.

Chan Luu Without Price Tag

  • The round turquois beads. Pick any size you want.
  • 3-4 strands of 3 mm in turquois or any color you like.
  • 1 package of 2 mm leather round cord. Pick the dark brown color in 2 yards long.
  • A beading needle.
  • Button for clasp.
  • Waxed thread.
  • Beading/ pearl glue.
  • Unravel about 2 yards of the leather cord. Cut them in half (each in 1 yard). Place 2 strands on the top of another. Tie them in a knot for about 4 inches into the strands.
  • Thread the button through one strand. Use the other strands for creating a double knot.
  • Thread the needle and make a double knot. How to make Chan Luu bracelets depends on you how to manage them. Once you have created the double knot, you have to tie your thread to the needle directly. It will stop slipping of the thread out of the needle.
  • Thread them to the leather cord. For lowering the leather cord, you have to make a double knot. For securing the thread, run the thread between the lower and upper cord. Do this step 3 times and fasten them with a double knot. This step will prevent bulging of the first few beads and breaking the bracelet.
  • Attach the beads. Start by placing the needle above your upper strand and underneath your lower strand. The bead should be placed on the needle and then pull them through.
  • Loop the thread back and through the bead. Completing this step by loop the thread around the back and top cord through your bead to the front of lower cord.
  • Repeat above steps for all beads and space them 2 loops apart. Create two loops around lower cord with the thread before you add the new bead.
  • How to make Chan Luu bracelets not to bulge? Use the beading/ pearl glue lightly on your cord. It causes the beads keep in the place. This glue will dry clear so it will not leave the spot on your bracelet.
  • Check the length by putting it to your wrist. Make a loop for a button if you satisfy with the length.
  • Secure the knot.

Happy bracelet making!