How to Make a Charm Bracelet with The Jump-Ring

How to make a charm bracelet

How to make a charm bracelet by simple and cheap stuffs? In fact, creating the charm bracelet is not as expensive as we though. Creating the charm bracelet is just needed two pair of the small needle nose pliers or the tweezers. The steps for creating them also such a easy way. Here we go then.

Purposes Using the Jump-Ring

Step #1

Find the break that is in the ring and hold it with two pair of the pliers; one plier on each side to make it break. Push them away with one hand and then pull it toward you with the other. The ring will be opened then to the left. Remember that you are forbidden to open the ring by pulling the both sets of the pliers. It causes the ring will be weakened and become impossible to put them back together.

Step #2

Add your lovely charm to the ring at the left.

Step #3

How to make a charm bracelet in this step is by adding the opened ring with your favorite charm into the bracelet. The placement of the charm is according to your desired location.

Step #4

Close the ring then. Make it closed by reversing the procedure just like the step one. Ensure that both ends are completely closed. Sometimes problems come in this step. If it happens, be sure to go a little past center and again you have to push the pliers to each other. It will make the ends closer to each other.

How to make a charm bracelet with the beautiful materials?

The beautiful materials are about something will look gorgeous while you wear them. There are various materials or charms that you can go with. You can pick the sterling silver charms with the jump-ring. In reality, the jump-ring is not such a solid ring indeed as it is just a circle where the both ends meet each other. It has two main functions; which are for connecting the clasp to the bracelet and to give the additional charm into the bracelet. If you notice well of the jump-ring, you will realize that they are not soldered each other. The jump-ring is just connected since it is strong enough for holding the clasp under the usual or normal wear. The purposes of getting the jump-ring into the bracelet follow. The first purpose is for allowing the clasp to be replaced less expensive. The second purpose is for safety; if the bracelet is hang, the first thing to break is the jump-ring not your wrist.