Ankle Bracelets Meaning and the History Behind

Ankle bracelets meaning

Ankle bracelets meaning are different in each country and culture. An ankle bracelet or an anklet is a chain or the other material that is worn around the ankle. It can be worn both dangle an inch or two and tight like a leather strap. Basically, anklets have been worn thousand years in different cultures. Meaning is not the reason for wearing them since the beauty also becomes the real reason of it. even today, people love wearing all types of anklet, starting from a simple and slim silver one to more chunky costume anklet.

Ankle Bracelet in Some Cultures: Ancient and Modern

Here are some cultures that bring the anklets:

  • Ancient Persia. In this culture, ankle bracelets meaning the empire of Persia. It is believed that the ancient times of the empire of Persia has its own style. It is proven with the archaeological site that found over 20,000 pieces of the fine Persian jewelry. There are so many pieces of jewelry that contain the precious gems, such as amethyst and lapis lazuli.
  • Ancient India. Indians have well-known wearing the ankle bracelets for over centuries. People there love this jewelry and it is proven in their literature, which is Shilappadikaram. This literature tells about an unfaithful husband who fell in love with a woman who wore the magic anklet. These days, the Indian wedding always makes the anklet included for the bride. The anklet bracelet becomes a part of ceremonial wedding garments. In the special day, the bride wears the most extravagant anklet that features lots of tiny bells, chains and charms. For Indian culture, it is silver anklet that is popular.
  • American fashion. Although American does not have any relation about anklet and its culture but the anklet becomes increasingly popular in the twentieth century. In 1970s, American women started wearing the anklet with their initials or names as features. The first time it was popular, both men and women could wear them but as time went by, it became more popular with women. Recently, you can easily purchase any type and material of anklet that you want, such as a simple hemp strand, golden filigree, and others. For American fashion, anklet has become the permanent fixture.

Ankle bracelets meaning is feminine and sexy. It is just becoming more and more fashionable. You can find various materials, such as silver, gold, funky metals, plastic beads and stones. So, which material that fits to your style the most?