All About Pandora Bracelets Official Site

Introduction to "Pandora bracelets official site"

Pandora bracelets official site gives everything about the Pandora manufactures, designs and markets. Pandora is the modern and hand-finished jewelry that comes from the genuine materials in affordable prices. Pandora bracelet has spread up more than 70 centuries on six continents through about 10,300 points of sale, including 950 concept stores. Pandora jewelry was found in 1982 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Detailed Descriptions on Pandora Official Site

Pandora creates a universe of hand-finished and also modern jewelry from the genuine materials, such as 14ct or 18ct gold and solid sterling silver. Besides the silver and gold material, there are also varieties of gemstones. In this manufacture, you can see the cultured pearls or stones that add color and sparkle to the genuine gold and silver jewelry. The common materials that are used in each category of design are gemstones, diamonds, man-made stones and organic gems. In the official site, you can easily find so much information about the products and materials. There are lots of detailed descriptions and the guidelines for cleaning and maintaining your Pandora products, such as:

  • General information of the stones.
  • Gemstones, such as quartz, diamonds and topaz.
  • Organic gems, such as cultured amber and pearls.
  • Man-made stones, such as crystal and cubic zirconia.
  • Metals.
  • Sterling silver, such as 14ct and 18ct gold.
  • Other materials, such as wood, Murano glass, textiles and leather.

Pandora bracelets official site also gives you the brief information about the returns and exchanges. While you need to return your Pandora jewelry, you need to visit the Pandora store where you bought your Pandora jewelry to get the refund. The valid proof of purchase has to be shown in 30 days of purchase and the item has to be new. Especially for the pierced earrings (including the earring pendants), they are non-returnable as the safety and hygiene.

Pandora bracelets official site also publishes the regulation about returning the Pandora bracelet without a receipt. They may be allowed to be exchanged at the current store you brought the items but in the current price. For your information, multi-branded stockists and retailers have their own exchange policy. So, before you buy Pandora jewelry from them, you have to ask about the exchange policy first to make sure you will not regret. If you have the Pandora jewelry from a gift card, the items must be new and it must be presented 30 days of purchase.